Number of Articles: 298
151. A Robust Optimization Model of Facility Location-reliable Network Design in Competitive Environment under Uncertainty

Volume 51, Issue 3, Autumn 2017, Pages 325-337

Yahya Zaree Mehrjerdi; Majid Heidari Meybodi

154. A Hybrid Approach to Risk Prioritization Based on Failure Analysis and Fuzzy Cognitive Map: A Case Study of the Automotive Parts Industry

Volume 52, Issue 2, Summer 2018, Pages 193-205

Mustafa Jahangoshaye Rezaei; Samuel Youssefi; Majid Bagheri

155. Designing of fiber-optic network for the three-level by considering the backbone network and local access networks simultaneously

Volume 52, Issue 3, Autumn 2018, Pages 379-388

masoud Rabbani; Mohammad Ravanbakhsh; Mahyar Taheri

156. An mathematical model for surgery scheduling with considering Intensive Care Unit capacity constraint and multiple treatment routes

Volume 52, Issue 4, Winter 2019, Pages 529-545

Meysam Jafari Eskandari; roozbeh Azizmohammadi; nilofar Samadi

157. New Method to Determine Buffer Size for High Risk Project Environment in Critical Chain Method

Volume 43, Issue 1, Autumn 2009

Fatemeh Mansourian; Shossein Iranmanesh; Mohammad Tabesh

158. Using intelligent models in ranking IT complementary for new product development process

Volume 44, Issue 1, Spring 2010

abbas Keramati; Hasan Haleh; Behdad Banan; Navid Mojir; Ali Derakhshani

159. Improving the Hybrid ANNs/ARIMA Models with Probabilistic Neural Networks (PNNs) for Time Series Forecasting

Volume 44, Issue 2, Autumn 2010, Pages 181-193

Mahdi Khashei; Mahdi Bijari; Gholamali Raissi Ardali

160. A Framework for Using Custom Knowledge in e-Catalog Designs

Volume 45, Issue 1, Spring 2011, Pages 83-94

N. Ghanbari; Mohammad reza Gholamian

161. Inventory Control of Perishable Items in a Two-Echelon Supply Chain

Volume 45, Special Issue, Autumn 2011, Pages 69-77

Fariborz Jolai; Elmira Gheisariha; Farnaz Nojavan

162. Study the Role of Financial Factors on Bullwhip Effect in a Two-stage Supply Chain

Volume 45, Issue 2, Autumn 2011, Pages 199-208

Y. Movahedi; R. Zolfaghari; Fariborz Jolai

163. An Extended Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm to Solve Integrated Model for Production Planning and Dynamic Cellular Manufacturing System

Volume 46, Issue 1, Spring 2012, Pages 77-89

A. Kahfi ardakani; Farnaz Barzin pour; R. Tavakkoli-Moghaddam

164. A Novel Initial Solution Generation Procedure for Toc- based Product Mix Problem Heuristics

Volume 46, Issue 2, Autumn 2012, Pages 195-204

H. Rafiei; S. A. Torabi

166. Decision Making with a Fuzzy Expert System in Order to Select the Appropriate Tourists’ Residence Location

Volume 47, Issue 2, Autumn 2013, Pages 201-213

B. Sohrabi; S. Fazli; K. Tahmasebipur; I. Raeesi Vanani

167. A Decision Making Model to Select Business Intelligence Systems by Using Grey Theory (Technical note)

Volume 48, Issue 1, Spring 2014, Pages 73-82

M.H. Ronaghi; K. Feizi; A. Asadpoor

168. Change Point Estimation in the Mean of Polynomial Profiles under Drift

Volume 48, Special Issue, Summer 2014, Pages 63-70

M. Aminnayeri; B. Mohammadi; M. Ayoubi

169. Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Integrated Lot-sizing and Scheduling in Flowshop Production Environment

Volume 48, Issue 2, Autumn 2014, Pages 215-228

Reza Ramezanian; Mohsen Shafiei Nikabadi; Sahar Fallah Sanami

170. Inventory Control Model with stochastic period lneght and delayed payment

Volume 49, Issue 1, Spring 2015, Pages 69-78

Ataollaah Taleizadeh; Ali Salehi

171. Maintenance Activities Planning by Integrating Computer Simulation and Data Envelopment Analysis

Volume 49, Issue 2, Autumn 2015, Pages 211-222

Mohammad Sheikhalishahi; Ali Azadeh

172. A Decision-Making Model based on Mathematical Programming for Designing the Health Care Network of Tehran in Monopoly Conditions

Volume 50, Issue 1, Spring 2016, Pages 83-94

Hadi Mahmoudzadeh; Mustafa Jahangoshai Rezaee; Samuel Yousefi

174. Selecting Product Configuration Using a Combination of Fuzzy-ANP and ELECTRE-TOPSIS Approaches

Volume 51, Issue 1, Spring 2017, Pages 77-90

Jalal Rezaeenour; Nahid Farzanmanesh; Hossein Amoozad Khalili

175. A Hierarchical Approach for Lot-sizing and Production Scheduling of Complementary Product Packages

Volume 51, Issue 2, Summer 2017, Pages 207-222

Najmeh Abbasi Hafshejani; Mohammad Mahdi Lotfi; Mahboobe Honarvar